I have seen many show gardens over the course of my career, and this is the first time a garden has captured the essence of good design.  Good design is not about creating a fantasy, good design is about working with what already exists to make it better.  For five days, 'Legacies' made Carlton Garden better. 

Designed V Designer Look

I recently read an article about the UK banning the sale of fake designer furniture.  The author of the article made the point that Australians often don't know the difference between furniture that has been designed and designer knock-offs. The result is a proliferation of furniture stores selling knock-offs at a fraction of the price of the real thing and, after the UK's stand, Australia leaves itself open to be a dumping ground of poor quality, "designer look" furniture. 

Why I hate lawn!

Time and time again I have clients asking me why landscape designers "hate lawn."

Well, hate may be a little harsh, but let me put it another way; why to clients love lawn? From a design point of view, the lawn is just another type of paving, a way of transitioning from one area to another.